Screening Camp at Choto Mollakhali.

Mission Smile organized a screening camp on 20th September, 2015 in Choto Mollakhali, around 130 KM from the Mission Smile, Kolkata ORC. Choto Mollakhali is an island which is in the tiger infested area of Sundarban.

We started around 6 in the morning and it took more than six hrs to reach the screening camp after crossing three rivers- Ichamati, Rathkhali and its distributaries.

Laxman Medical Hall, a medical shop provided us the space for organizing the screening camp. A number of patients and their parents had braved the heavy downpour, to arrive the screening camp.

We were touched by the hardship that these children and their parents had to go through to attend this screening camp.

Some patients from village island such as Amratala, Joygopalpur, Basanti, Gosaba etc had to cross river with tides 6ft height to reach the screening camp with the hope to get their children treated.

By the time, we set up the camp it was around 1 P.M. Out of many children who came, only ten children were found fit.

All  the 10 patients have their surgeries scheduled  on 5th and 6th October at our Kolkata Outreach centre.

After the screening, we showed the parents the pre operative and  the post operative pictures of children who have received surgeries, and they are even more eager to see their children SMILE!!


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