52 New Smiles from Tripura.


Mission Smile Guwahati Comprehensive Cleft Care Centre organized its 4th Medical Mission in Agartala, Tripura from 1st September to 8th September, 2015. The Mission venue was Tripura Medical College.

Rajdeep Choudhury, a boy of 3.5 years came to our mission site to get his cleft lip surgery with his father Sudhir Choudhury (45 years) who is a mechanic and his mother Rekha Choudhury (39 years) is a house wife. Rajdeep also has an elder sister of 7 years Sania Choudhury who has difficulty in breathing since birth. Hence needless to say their financial condition was weak.

Rajdeep goes to anganwadi school and his father came to know about Mission Smile from there. The community workers identified Rajdeep’s Cleft challenge and brought him and his parents to the mission site.

Rajdeep and his parents arrived at the mission site on 6th September. After being successfully screened by the medical team of  Mission Smile, Rajdeep was found fit for surgery and was admitted. His family members were very happy and was eager to see the smiling face of Rajdeep.

Rajdeep is a talented young child. At his age, he can name the capital of any state in India and also knows the capitals of most of the countries in the world. But he was yet to develop his normal speech.

Rajdeep got operated on 7th September and after looking to the new face of their child Rajdeep’s parents got delighted. They were happy by the support and care they received here from all the Mission Smile staff and volunteers. Because of the surgery, a talented child like Rajdeep can join his school without the fear of cruel name-calling and discrimination. With his changed face rajdeep has now got a chance for a successful future. Thanks to all our supporters and volunteers to make all of this possible.

During this Mission we have successfully screened 92 cleft affected patients and out of that we have successfully provided free comprehensive surgeries to 52 cleft affected patients. Due to malnourishment and other medical problems 40 patients were told to return back.



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