A SMILE Changed her life.


Ever since Rikta was born to their family, the happiness was missing as Rikta was born with Cleft lip and Cleft palate. The pain of being born with deformity was known to Rikta’s mother as she was also affected with polio. But she and her husband always wanted to see Rikta smiling and also to lead a normal and happy life.

When Mission Smile conducted its first medical mission in Bolpur, West Bengal in the year 2005, Rikta came to the mission site with her family to attend the screening and was found fit for surgery. Before the surgery she was not able to go to school or to make any friends because of her deformity. She was very much afraid of the social rudeness that she face everyday. Her parents was also worried about the situation. After the surgery when her family first saw the face of Rikta they became standstill and visualize the change that has come out from the surgery.

Rikta download

After the surgery, Rikta went to school with her new face, new life and also new friends. With no worry of cruel talks and no rude comments. We all will be great to know that Rikta is now 16 years old and she has qualified her 10th board examination with 80% marks. We the Mission Smile team feel proud of Rikta. A SMILE can change a life.


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