Story of the Month, Smile from Noida

The story of Raju, a rickshaw puller from Noida. 

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Raju Prasad, a 29 years old man from Noida sector 8 was born with cleft lip and Cleft palate. He along with his father pulls rickshaw van everyday to earn livelihood. He never imagined undergoing a surgery to correct his lip.

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Wherever he went to correct his facial deformity, it came with a price which he could not afford. Then Mission Smile  organized a  medical mission in Noida and his life changed forever. A two hour bus journey was all it took for him to reach the medical mission site at Greater Noida. He was operated on the first day of surgery and he left the OT with a smile on his face. Looking at him, his family members couldn’t believe the change and personally met the doctor and thanked him with tears of happiness in their eyes. Raju said “I will no more be embarrassed to look into the mirror”. He also promised us that from next time he will do Mission Smile  promotion through his rickshaw van. A week later, he received follow up care and he is doing very well. Thank you Mission Smile for giving him a wonderful life ahead.

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